Do you think direct response marketing is outdated and ineffective? Many experts certainly don’t agree, and attest to the practice’s effectiveness in engaging more customers and increasing revenue. Small businesses serving only local markets, in particular, would find this strategy highly beneficial.

Why Direct Marketing Is Still Relevant

The use of postcards has long been done to reach target customers straight at their homes or places of business or work. It allows you to receive immediate feedback to your invitation, or to quickly assess how your customers respond. While technology-driven or online marketing techniques like mobile marketing and email ads may have more proponents, direct marketing still shows its effectiveness in reaping a better response from consumers.

A recent study has even found that advertisements sent through direct mail produce superior results over online ads. The researchers compared direct mail ads and digital ads using nine categories, and the former scored better or just as good in eight of them. The categories where direct marketing was superior accounted for consumer’s impressions, engagement, and recall.

Excellent Ideas to Stand Out

Successful direct marketing campaigns make use creatively-designed postcards with clear and comprehensive information. Bigger postcards with large photos, vibrant colors, and bold texts typically get favorable results. Segmenting information through bullets to make them easy to read and understand also works.

Another popular and effective practice is to send a useful or interesting item along with the postcards especially if they’re being sent only to a few VIP consumers. If you have the budget for bulk corporate items, then this could also work for a bigger group of recipients. If you’re a pastry shop, for instance, and have the executives in your community as your target market, send them postcards with samples of your treats, so they would think of you when they need a caterer for their meetings or special events.

Using It with Online Strategies

To make the strategy more relevant and maximize its potential benefits, plan it alongside your online marketing campaign. This way, you can reach more consumers, engage them in their preferred method of brand interaction, and gauge their response better. In both types of marketing, you have to be clear in defining your target consumers, goals, and strategies.

Make sure you work with a firm who has proven experience in providing direct marketing services for businesses in Denver, such as Plumb Marketing. Their experts can help you from the planning through the execution and evaluation of your campaign.


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