Today’s marketplace is more competitive than ever before, and it’s important that from a sales perspective, your business is able to reach those who matter – ideal prospects who will be a good long term client for your business. There’s a big difference however from a list of potential leads and an actual real buyer who is interested in your services today.  Understanding how to use direct mail services effectively has continued to be a great option for targeting the right people and converting them into real clients for your business.

We find it often surprises business leaders to learn that direct mail services is still a viable option for marketing. With social media, email, and a wide range of other digital options out there, direct mail can be perceived as antiquated. The reality is however that when you go about it the right way, you can see real results.

Of course, just like in any other marketing tactic there are several tips that you can remember which will help you get the most from your efforts. Keep reading for some great tips on how to improve your marketing results with direct mail.

  • Know Your Ideal Client – If you want to see higher response rates, you need to start with really knowing who you’re trying to reach. Most businesses have an ideal client group that will be more likely to do business with them. When you define and know that group, you can develop a much clearer message to that prospect.  Knowing your market will assist in getting the best results possible from your direct mail services.
  • Offer Something Unique – Don’t send out a mail piece without a clear call to action and reason for contacting you. Put yourself in your clients shoes and offer them something that they’ll be interested in. Use something like a special offer, a new product release, or company announcement in order to get the attention of those who receive your mail. This works just as well in B 2 B targeting too, try a great download of a case study or white paper to gather your customer’s info.
  • Create Urgency – One key element of marketing that applies to direct mail services is creating urgency. When consumers feel like they’re getting a limited time offer, or something special just for them, they’re more likely to pay attention to whatever you’re offering.
  • Get Personal – Finally, make your customers feel special. Something as simple as using their names on a letter instead of ‘Current Resident’ is all it takes to start making them feel more appreciated. Modern software and the ability to use much more variable data in direct mail services has made this much easier to accomplish.

If you want to get the best results with your marketing efforts, you owe it to yourself and your business to pay attention to how to use direct mail services in the right way. It can make a big difference in seeing the results you need for the dollars you spend.

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