Direct mail fulfillment can be a critical part of how you communicate to your potential prospects and/or clients. We find our clients typically use direct mail in one of two ways, as a part of their marketing efforts to potential clients or communicating to current clients to incentivize future purchase and/or communicate important information regarding your company or services. When utilizing this type of communication, with either party, Direct mail can be a great channel to increase your sales, brand awareness and profit. Here are three things you need to avoid to make sure you get the best results possible.

Don’t Set Unrealistic Goals

If you have a concept for your direct mail piece that you’re absolutely in love with, then make sure that you’re willing to give it the time and money required to make it happen. There are plenty of horror stories in direct mail fulfillment about business owners wanting something “unique,” like a deluxe fold-out marketing piece, but being unwilling to pay the cost required for the design and materials needed to execute a piece like that. Cutting corners on ideas like this usually results in less impactful marketing pieces, which won’t lend to the desired result you are trying to achieve. Listen to the

experts in these fields to work through getting the highest quality, effective piece, within your budget constraints. Make sure the goals you set for both responses to your piece, and the budget that you need to set are completely realistic.

Don’t Leave Your Customers Hanging

Once you’ve engaged a customer or client and they’re ready for more, are you ready to give them more? If the mailing goal is in response to an online offer, have you planned sufficient time to create an adequate number of marketing kits to actually start sending out if people reply they’re interested? Do the marketing kits actually address everything that you want your potential clientele to know? If the piece is to incent your prospects to respond to a deal, have you given them multiple ways to respond to an offer both online and offline? Marketing isn’t just about engaging interest, it is about sustaining it beyond the initial curiosity. Make sure that if you pique a customer’s interest, you have the back end campaign prepared that doesn’t leave them hanging.

Is Your Marketing Time Sensitive? Don’t Miss Mailing Deadlines.

There are some occasions where “the machine” of mail delivery infrastructure simply gets overwhelmed. Christmas season in America is the perfect example of how circumstance beyond your control can force mail materials to not be delivered on time.

Make sure the team you are working with is prepared for and working with you so that you don’t miss deadlines in a busy season. Beyond that, however, it’s always, always important to ensure that you and the service you’ve engaged for direct mail fulfillment have taken the appropriate steps for timely delivery of materials. Once you’ve prepared your campaign and it’s ready to go, it’s important to get your shipping and handling in order so that it really do go out when you’ve planned, and get into your customers hands when you’ve intended.

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