Small business owners and franchisees are endlessly busy. Whether they are networking, running operations, or vision-casting the future, they all have one thing in common: the desire to market their business effectively.

One way to do this, especially when a business has multiple locations, is to use an outsourced marketing solution. Here are 3 of the biggest reasons why:

Standardize Collateral

When a business owner has multiple locations and/or sales teams, it is easy to lose control of how collateral looks. Outsourced marketing solutions can create brand standard templates for digital and/or print materials.

Consistency is key in any marketing, but when it comes to franchisees and multi-location businesses, it is critical. Inconsistent messages, colors, logos or images create market confusion, and this leads to poor outcomes.

Outsourced marketing puts all the consistency in the hands of a central location to ensure multi-location brand standards are met every time collateral is distributed.

Increase Productivity

Centralizing and managing supply will save time, ensure brand equity, and reduce lost or damaged marketing materials. Preparing, ordering, and shipping collateral to multiple locations can be time consuming and inefficient. Leverage an outsourced marketing company to warehouse ad ship collateral to multiple locations with ease, rather than wasting time with in-house staff.

Outsourced marketing firms can have materials ready in a matter of hours, not weeks. This gets marketing information out the door, and into potential customers hands, sooner. Faster time to market means faster results.

Simplified Reporting

Dashboards allow business owners to track in real time, allowing for better planning and budgeting. Monitoring activity by store or demographic creates accountability and more accurate billing.

Alerts can be created to know when marketing collateral shipments are out for delivery and when they’ve arrived, whether this is at the franchise location, or in the mailboxes of the consumer themselves. Tracking technology is better than ever before, and business owners who understand and use automation, are leading the pack.

Interested in seeing a demonstration of the Plumb Online (TM), Franchise Marketing Asset Management System? If the pain of inconsistent collateral, endless time spending getting marketing materials to other locations, or budgeting roller coasters has become enough for you, we’d like to show you a solution. Learn more here.