Long Term Care Centers, along with other health and medical facilities, rely on brand awareness to encourage engagement, calls, appointments and tours. How is this best done, especially when budget constraints make marketing lean? We suggest direct mail marketing, and more specifically a new mover campaign, and here are three reasons why:

Colorado’s New Resident Growth

Colorado continues to top the list for great places to live and year over year we see new residents moving in. According to worldpopulationreview.com, in 2020, Colorado had a population just under 6 million with an annual growth rate just shy of 2%, making it one of the fastest growing states. Denver has over 700,000 residents and the growth rate of the suburban area is seen in the new construction further and further out from the city center.

But it’s not just new residents moving into the state. Current residents are finding new homes, often bigger homes. The Denver housing market is hot with a year of low interest rates and smaller than normal available homes. The luxury market, those homes valued over 1 million, have seen the greatest increase in demand.

With so many movers, specifically targeting new residents who are in your service area is a great way to introduce your facility to fresh eyes.

The Demand for Care is High

Families are looking for larger homes for their expanding families, whether that means welcoming children, or bringing parents home to live with them. Yet, we also know the number of Americans who need long-term care services are doubling in the next decade.

These two conditions make new mover campaigns ideal for long term care centers, doctors and medical facilities. Families need medical and dental care, urgent and emergency care, and now are more likely than ever to begin researching places for long term care for their aging parents.

New Mover Direct Mail is Effective and Targeted

The best marketing strategies in today’s age are ones that are specifically targeted towards those who find the information relevant. Data-driven lists are more accessible than ever, allowing long term care centers and medical facilities to pin-point certain criteria and create their own powerful marketing lists.

Capturing the attention of new residents who are looking for their most critical services, such as medical needs, builds brand awareness and rapport immediately. Integrating digital and direct mail data will then help narrow the list further, track conversions, and allow for improved results over time.

Be the first to welcome new residents to the neighborhood with the Plumb Marketing New Mover direct mail marketing campaign for long term medical care centers, medical offices and hospitals. Get found, increase brand awareness, increase patient loyalty and bring in more patients with a custom direct mail program from Plumb Marketing. Learn more and schedule your no obligation, no pressure consultation here.