In the 20+ years that we have been providing direct mail services, 16 of these years included a postal increase of some sort.* With rising costs for everything from labor to paper, it is to be expected that the price of a stamp would go up as well. 2019 will be no different with the largest ever price increase for stamps, taking a first class stamp from $.50 to $.55, a 10% increase.**

Effective Sunday, January 27, 2019, the USPS has been approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission to raise their prices. Here are a few highlights that may affect you:

  • First Class Mail letter (1oz.) postage purchased at the post office increases from $.50 to $.55.
  • Additional ounces added to a First Class Mail letter actually GOES DOWN, costing only an extra $.15 rather than $.21 in 2018.
  • First Class Flats and Large Envelopes will go unchanged, remaining at $1.00 initial, $.15 for each additional ounce.
  • Postcard rates remain unchanged at $.35.
  • Priority Mail Express flats increases by an average of 3.9% depending on size, zone and location

Note: USPS rates are subject to determination based on weight, mail class and shape. For more details on other types of postal rate increases, visit for a comprehensive list.

A couple of fun facts related to the new year at the USPS:

  • The New Forever stamp will be dedicated to entertainer Gregory Hines, the 42nd stamp in the Black Heritage series.
  • The Year of the Boar Forever stamp, available later this month, finishes out the 12 year Lunar New Year series.
  • Walt Whitman is being honored as the 32nd stamp in the Literary Arts series on the 200th anniversary of his birth.
  • To see these and other new stamps for 2019, visit

Need assistance calculating postage for your e-commerce organization or next direct mail campaign? Contact Plumb Marketing. And Happy 2019!


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