The new year is here! Is your marketing plan ready? Each new year gives us an opportunity to reflect on what has worked in our business and what has not. Here are a few tips to help you ensure that you have reviewed your marketing plan to optimize this year’s success!

Test, Track, Adjust

All marketing programs require some trial and error when they are first rolled out. While data has a scientific skew, people can be unpredictable. When rolling out new programs, use smaller sample audiences to test results, then roll out the program to a larger audience. This will help create marketing programs that can be used repeatedly, provide cost savings and increase effectiveness.


How often do you survey your clients and networks about their needs? We all believe we have a product or service of value, but markets change. At least annually, survey your top clients to ask them what products and services would help them grow. Then reward them when they respond with a small gift or recognition.

Automate When Possible            

In a landscape of constant data collection, automating some of your marketing based on industry segments, personas, engagement and buyer behavior can truly revolutionize your business. Customizing and personalizing your offerings and messaging will reduce digital fatigue of email, helps you to understand what truly engages your buyers, and gives you the ability to target more effectively for last minute marketing efforts.

Anticipate Seasonal Marketing Needs

Most likely, you know when your busiest seasons are in your business. First, set up programs to market for you during busy times to ensure that you have leads to follow up on when you are no longer busy. A common mistake, specifically in small business, is that a company gets busy, stops marketing, then when business slows down, they take a hit with little to no new business coming in. Second, start marketing to your buyers and customers before the busy season kicks in to remind past buyers of your offering and bring in new customers who may be looking for your product or service. Each business vertical has a different lead time for marketing so understanding when your prospects start shopping for you is critical. For example, if you are in lawn care and landscaping, start marketing to homeowners and commercial businesses during the winter to secure spring and summer work. 

Need more ideas for improving your marketing programs? We see hundreds of projects each year, some super successful, some not so much. Contact us for a free marketing assessment with our team.