Coming up with new and creative ways to stimulate giving from your donor base can be a challenge. Our friends at Give A Car have 151 GREAT ideas for you. Our favorite top five are: 

  1. Have an animal show. – Love this idea, escpecially as much as we love our pets here in Colorado!
  2. Have a bike wash. – With a larger emphasis in Colorado about green transportation methods like bike to work day, this is a great way to align with local values and raise a money.
  3. Place donation jars in local businesses. – A great way to connect with the community and raise both awareness and funds. Target businesses either near your physical location and/or in areas where you know your donors live, work and shop. Then ask if you can put up a donation jar for a limited period of time. You can even offer incentives for the store that raises the most donations. 
  4. Have a jumble sale. – Another great way to engage a community. Everyone in your organization and/or invite people in the community to donate gently used items and have a garage sale. 
  5. Have a retro video game competition. – There is a current trend of dusting off old Atari video games lately. Host a fun evening of Pac-Man and Space Invaders play offs! 

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