Plumb Marketing now offers landing page technology to go along with your direct mail campaign? No website? Or do you need a special page for your campaign and not able to add it to your website? No worries! We’ve got you covered! 

Simply select from one of our 5 templates: 

Then, we take it from there! There is lots of flexibility in each of these pages to change images, craft compelling content and offer a compelling call to action. These landing pages are designed to go with our Responnse Builder program, an online follow up advertising program for direct mail. Learn more by clicking here. 

Landing pages begin as low as $500 each and includes hosting. Once you are on board, all we need is: 

  • Customer’s logo, branding information, copy to be used on the landing page and any stock/custom photos or other visual graphics they want to use.
    • If no photos are provided, a stock photo search for use on the landing page design maay be needed and subject to additional fees. 
  • The domain name customer wants to use and associated domain registrar login details to update the DNS records to point the domain to our hosting server.
  • Any additional information about how the client wishes to use the landing page (lead gen, connecting to MailChimp or to a Plumb Marketing system, etc.)