Since 1996, Mail Masters has helped clients travel a “straight line to marketing results.” Sounds good, right? But what does that really mean?

In its purest, simplest form, “straight line to marketing results” means providing straightforward, results-oriented, profit promoting marketing solutions to small businesses—results that aren’t shrouded in marketing spin, techno-gobbledygook or excess cost.

Social media encourages transparency and is an excellent lie detector. So, straight talk with the marketplace is timely and is becoming a preferred way of doing business–in contrast to the hype and halftruths that have plagued much corporate marketing for years.

A champion of plainspeaking, former president Harry S. Truman would have been appalled about all the fancy terms and technologies that often obscure benign business practices—treating your employees, clients, vendors, partners and other stakeholders like gold from Day 1. More often than not, that means following the Golden Rule—Do unto others as you would have them do unto you (Translation: Treat others the way you want to be treated).

In the current environment, business “gurus” would have you believe that treating clients well—known in current lingo as “positive customer experience” is some radical new idea. In fact, it’s been a cornerstone of commerce for eons. Merchants provided topline service and support as a matter of course. And customers/clients responded largely with loyalty and longevity.

Bottom line, we’ve embraced Harry Truman’s plain-speaking ways and deeds since the day we opened, along with a commitment to helping our clients go in the straightest line possible from marketing concepts to revenue-generating results.

As Truman proved, plain speaking can co-exist well with progressive practices.

That’s why we’ve rebranded Mail Masters as Plumb Marketing to present an expanding array of marketing services and solutions in a clear and consistent way. This means more straight lines to marketing results for you.

We look forward to helping you grow by giving you a client experience that’s second to none!

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