Emotionally compelling writing captures attention and interest. Bulletproof documentation of claims builds credibility. Employing both in your marketing content development can substantially improve impact on target audiences. Here are a couple of reasons why:

1. Decision-making processes vary by person. Some respond favorably to compelling emotional pitches while others require “just the facts.” Many decisions are based on both. By covering all bases, you improve chances of a favorable buying decision;

2. Many seemingly believable claims are made all over the Internet. It can be difficult to discern truth from fiction without in-depth investigation. Verifiable facts presented in a straightforward way help set you apart from others who may be propagating BS.

Reviews are one way to provide proof. However, to round out the picture, you also need empirical evidence— hard, irrefutable facts that support and align with the reviews.

Get valuable intel, sell at the same time.

As companies scramble to improve customer experiences, products and services, surveys have become almost as common as a cup of coffee with breakfast. Don’t ignore another time-honored component: Sitting down with key customers (and where feasible, prospects) over a cup of coffee to discuss buying preferences and concerns.

Face-to-face interaction can yield more insights and actionable information than a survey alone. Through one-on-one interaction, you demonstrate valuing of their opinions—which can build loyalty and satisfaction.

Attempt to connect with prospects by telling them they represent your target market—and that you want their input on key issues to help direct your efforts. Make it very clear that this is not a sales call, but rather an attempt to create the best product/service possible by understanding prospects’ buying preferences and criteria.

Through this process, you also lay the groundwork for a later sales call with prospects and/or a “how are we doing” follow-up with customers.

Every marketing program needs a plan and a timeline.

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