Advertising has undoubtedly gone through a plethora of changes as technological advancements such as the television and internet continue to evolve. And though we are deep in the age of digital, there is still much we can learn from vintage advertising campaigns of the past. One of the main components of vintage advertising is that it harps on feelings of nostalgia, and this type of marketing enables companies to link their brand purpose to ideas of the past which evoke feelings of comfort and entice audiences to often convert or invest in that product or service.

Invaluable created a neat infographic that details some of the most effective vintage advertising techniques and showcases successful campaigns and designs of the past to display how you can use these techniques in modern advertising. It touches on everything from incorporating bold, catchy headlines to how to use creative color effectively to why creating a memorable slogan that lasts is so powerful. From Coca-Cola’s iconic colorful ads to the simplistic nature of Volkswagen’s, “Think Small” campaign, take inspiration from the visual below.

Infographic provided by Invaluable.

vintage ad techniques