Denver, CO is home to about 600, 158 people. This provides plenty of potential for you to generate consistent leads and sales. However, quality is more important than quantity when using direct mail services.

How to Convince People to Read Your Mail

People do not receive as much mail as they did before email marketing was invented. However, you still have to design your letters, fliers and postcards in a way that makes people want to read them.

The best way to improve your mailing list reading rate is to keep the message as short as possible. For instance, you could just send a post card with a coupon on it that offers a free trial. If you choose this promotional method, you will want to include a phone number, address or website where the person can sign up for the trial. This special offer works exceptionally well if you are offering a service such as, high-speed Internet, graphic design, babysitting, housecleaning or yard work.

If you are selling products and not a service, you might want to instead send out a message that your customers can receive a free gift for a limited time. If you choose to send out brief letters instead of direct mail postcards, you will want to put the free gift message on the outside of the envelope in a prominent place. Usually, the space above the recipient’s address or on the back of the envelope works.

Another way to entice people to open your direct mail is to place a sample right inside the envelope. People love this, and it especially seems to work for promoting shampoo or soap products. However, you could also try this with debit or credit card offers or for just about any tangible product.

How to Get People to Respond to your Offer

Without using excess hype in your messages, you can also improve your credibility by offering customers a money back guarantee. In addition, you can assure them that if they have any questions that an operator will be standing by to take your call. Otherwise, you can direct them to a website for more information.


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