Creating a powerful brochure can significantly boost brand visibility, enhance perception, and drive sales for your business or organization. To achieve this, it’s essential to focus on several key elements beyond just selecting images and arranging content.

Small businesses, listen up! These 5 tips will help you create business brochures that capture eyes and sales.

Using Brochures for B2B Marketing

Marketing your business to other businesses with a printed brochure is effective, even in today’s digital age. A website can incorporate design elements and utilize specific landing pages, but a brochure makes sure the right information gets into the right hands at the right time.

Marketing professionals can quickly and easily share information that is relevant, by placing a brochure in the hands of a prospect. When they hold a high-quality, well-designed brochure, it gives a tangible message about your business that digital marketing can’t.

Five Tips to Make Your Business Brochure Stand Out

Brochure Tip 1: Know Your Goal

What do you want your brochure to accomplish? The brochures can be customized to specific sectors of business and goals to add value to your marketing efforts and prospects.

Will it be used to target a specific prospect type? For example, will it be used to build a new sector of business, and therefore only focus on that? Or, will it be used for a certain job title type prospect who has needs or pain points different than others?

Will it be used to provide support after a sale is made? For example, in the form of instructions for a product’s use, to leave a review, support team contact process, or more.

Is it to recruit employees? Will it highlight high level information about the company and focus on the opportunities that are important to job candidates?

Is it to communicate with investors? Will it focus on the benefits of giving and the results of those gifts? What story can it tell to gain interest and support?

These all have different desired outcomes, and these should inform the design and message. Marketing professionals can help with capturing the design and a printing company will provide the quality of the brochure to drive the desired outcomes.

Brochure Tip 2: Use Quality, Professional Grade Paper

Cardstock and professional grade paper should live up to your design. Quality conveys the standards of your brand and therefore is critical to use in your brochure.

Paper comes in a variety of textures, colors, sheens and thickness. Each element can add interest and engagement. Consider the look and feel of the brochure and be sure to match it to your brand’s style guide.

Business Brochure Tip 3: Chose a Fold Style to Match Your Goal

Like professional grade paper, a fold style can set apart your brochure or destroy the message. Don’t squish content between folds. Likewise, creating too many sections to fill takes away from the design and message as well.

Folds create a new section of the brochure and you can use this to break up content visually. Give yourself enough folds to communicate what you want without cluttering the design or wasting space. Both these can leave the brochure looking unprofessional and dilute your brand or message.

Consider if a 2-fold, 3-fold, or 4-fold style will work best for your project.

Brochure Tip 4: Use a Well-Placed Call to Action

It can be easy to forget a call to action in your brochure, but like every piece of marketing, it needs one. Of course, the action should be in line with your goals.

Next, position it on the brochure where readers are most likely to see and read it, then take action. The action could be visiting a website, calling for a quote, filling out an application or making a donation. Make it easy as well, such as using a QR code.

Be straightforward and clear in your ask. Be sure to include how taking action benefits them. The purpose of the brochure should be clearly communicated.

Business Brochure Tip 5: Stay Consistent with Your Brand

Your new brochure may focus on a specific goal, but it also needs to be an extension of your brand. Whether focusing on a new product or promotion, information or instruction, they should reflect the same style that is found already in your marketing.

Consider your brand colors, values, fonts and other stylistic or emotional connections customers expect from your business. Confusing your audience with designs that don’t align with other messaging and packaging, will detract from your overall goal of building deeper relationships. If it isn’t clear that they are interacting with your brand, the brochure will fail to deliver.

Professional Brochures from Plumb Marketing

Designing the perfect brochure takes experience and know-how. These five tips will create a solid foundation, and the next step is to partner with a company who can design and print what you have in mind. Let our professional marketing team fine tune your design, and ensure your message is clear in order to reach your goal.

To get a quote for your next business brochure, and to learn more about design, including folds, professional quality printing and more, contact Plumb today.