As business owners, we are often looking for an effective and simple way to connect us to our customers and that next sale. We want to be on our customer’s mind, whether to encourage more business or to spark a referral.

How we present ourselves (our marketing), is meant to build our client list. Looking and sounding professional, and maintaining consistency is key to this. But, how do we accomplish this consistency easily, and without taking time and energy from our business itself?

The Answer is Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing refers to the use of several means of reaching our potential customers. Some examples of these channels include: mobile marketing, store fronts, PPC (pay-per-click) ads, direct mail, email, and website/landing pages.

While it may seem overwhelming to take advantage of these different channels, don’t let it be discouraging. There are tools like Response Builder from Plumb Marketing that can convert more leads over several channels and automatically track them for you.

Using multi-channel marketing allows you to grow your business and Plumb Marketing makes the process simple and as streamlined as possible. Target prospects, integrate digital and direct mail marketing, and track results, all on one platform. You know when mail is delivered, when you get visitors to your website and social media, how they are connected, and so much more.

Take the guesswork out of marketing and spend more time on other things that need done in your business.

Multichannel Marketing at Work

Business customers who have used direct mail marketing use tracking codes or coupons to help them know if it’s working or not. This is one method, but it tends to underrepresent the returns. This can cause business owners to give up on direct mail, when it’s known that direct mail creates consistent, predictable results.

Because Plumb Marketing does so much more than direct mail – they are a full marketing department – they can give a direct mail ad makeover to make it more appealing to customers. They target who your prospective customers are and track these new ads throughout their journey to customer mailboxes through to their online engagement. Doing this, they see what level of advertising is resonating with clients and build upon that information to help businesses grow.

No one wants to miss a single opportunity to reach someone new. We want our businesses to thrive and we take pride in our products/services. We need marketing that conveys that message to any kind of customer, in any way they can be reached. Plumb Marketing can help achieve this and make it easier in the process.

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