A political printing and mailing service can assist you in mobilizing your supporters to achieve your desired outcomes. Whether your campaign aims to raise funds, win an election, or increase awareness for a particular cause, consider utilizing high-quality printed political materials to support your efforts.

Why Political Mailing Services Make Sense

For most politicians, getting the word out quickly and effectively about who you are and what you stand for is critical. A company who does political printing and mailing services accomplishes this, usually less expensively than other marketing forms, and it gets results.

Political Mailing Service providers use digital data and advanced printing systems to effectively pin-point audiences and personalize mail to them. This targeting and customization has been proven to increase engagement and action.

It has a broad reach, cost-efficient price point and offers data-driven results.

Consider the amount of time and resources it would take you and/or your staff to walk door-to-door to reach the same constituents. If you want to meet folks and shake hands, group settings are more controlled and effective to raise excitement and interest.

To reach a broad audience otherwise, political direct mail makes much more sense.

Political Campaign Printing Company

A printing and mailing company allows political mail pieces to be printed, addressed, and stamped as part of the printing process. Postcards or mailers can be delivered in a matter of hours or days, which makes them versatile and easy to change the message to stay most relevant.

Consistency between posters, flyers, and mail pieces works seamlessly as one printer manages all the collateral. What do you want your political campaign materials to say about you?

These pieces speak on your behalf, and the professional, quality message you deliver will come through. Delivering them directly to mailboxes allows a reach that few other methods of communication do, at a fraction of the price.

What is the Most Effective Political Collateral?

The most effective and popular choices for political printables include:

Full or half-size flyers. Distribute them by hand at events or hang them on community boards.

Yard signs. Give to voters to proudly show their support.

Postcards. To reach a wider audience and introduce yourself and message.

Banners. To broadcast your name, brand, or message in venues or events.

Bumper stickers. Engaging ways to connect to voters and brand your name wider.

Palm cards. Handheld poster boards with the candidate’s name or message have shown to be particularly effective in political campaigns.

Popular Promotional Products for Political Campaigns

Promotional products can be worn, used at events, and given to supporters and donors. They are often available at a very low cost per item and are meant to come in bulk quantities for wide distribution.

Some of the most popular include:

Political buttons. Magnet back or pins, political buttons can show support for a candidate or cause at a very low cost per item.

Printed balloons. Balloons can be used to decorate space, build awareness, and are also fun!

Flags. Like political buttons, flags are used to show support and solidarity in your campaign.

Pens. Often used as promotional products because of their low price and practicality, pens are an easy item to hand out, stick into goodie bags, and carry large quantities of.

Car magnets. Magnets help carry your message literally around town. Like bumper stickers, but less permanent, they share a message or name with a broader audience.

Your political printing specialist is here to help you reach your goals by designing a campaign that supports the know, like, and trust factor, with multiple touchpoints. Together, you will build a winning strategy.

Leveraging Political Printing and Mailing

Political Mailers, just in time for 2024 Election Season!

Plumb Marketing is here to help you build your highly effective political campaign printing and mailing strategy. Fitting your budget and goals is our primary objective.

Whether national, regional, or local, we are here with the resources and expertise to build a campaign in a cost-effective way so you can focus on what drew you into public service.

By focusing on automation and customization, we give our clients the highest quality products and service. We offer a look of professionalism for all your printed materials, giving you the ability to stand out in all the right ways.

When you are serious about your results, you can count on Plumb Marketing’s experience in direct mail and printing for political campaigns and beyond.

Data-Driven Delivery

Current technology allows us to specifically address mail to the recipient. We also know when those mail pieces have landed in the mailboxes. This gives you real time data to know what messaging is having the biggest impact.

With flexibility in printing, onsite design, and quick turnaround, your customized direct mail is a powerful tool in spreading the right message, at the right time to your constituents.

Let Plumb Marketing be your one-stop shop for posters, business cards, EDDM postcards, specialty printing, promotional products and more to support your campaign efforts.

Contact us today to learn how our impactful – and highly cost effective – political printing and mailing services can help you.