As political season ramps up for a heated midterm election cycle, we find that many candidates and campaigns may be wondering how to use direct marketing more effectively to ensure their message is a lasting one in front of their voters. Here are a few tips when using direct mail to use during your campaign:

Message is everything!

The first step to a good campaign is to craft a message that will resonate with your constituents. Clear, succinct “headlines” and short blurbs are then created to use on promotional items, such as TV ads, phone banks, direct mail pieces and radio spots.

Introduce Yourself

A voter is more likely to engage, follow and support a candidate with some level of name recognition. Using repeated direct mail post cards, media appearances and public forum attendance can increase peoples awareness for you and your campaign.

Use Online Ads

In the age of the internet, a direct mail piece and TV ad spot is no longer the only way to stay in front of your voters. With new remarketing techniques, driving people to a website to take action will then allow Google to continue to place ads in front of them, even after they leave your site. Our Response Builder program is an excellent example of how to maximize your direct mail.

There is a lot that goes into a political campaign. Maximize your efforts with smart and competent top of mind awareness campaigns to sway voters. If we can help at Plumb Marketing, contact us. Political mailers are one of our specialties!