Did you know that Response Builder gives you automatic follow-up to your postcard campaign though Google. We partnered with Google to seamlessly integrate their marketing technology into the Response Builder system.
So if any prospect leaves your client’s website without calling or filling out a form, Google automatically shows them the client’s follow-up ad on millions of legit sites (like CNN.com, YouTube, HGTV.com, etc.).


Here’s what the Google Follow-up looks like in action:

Jacob Plawner, DDS Campaign With Response Builder (35898 Postcards): 

  • 244 Calls Received (6.797 calls per 1000 cards).
  • 75,104 Online Ad Impressions
  • 43 Clicks Back to Website
  • 220 people still being followed with online ads
Amit Khanna, Campaign With Response Builder (12,000 postcards):
  • 147 New Patients per Month (12.25 new patients per 1000 cards)
  • 600 Website Visitors Captured
  • 23,635 Online Ad Views
  • 55 Clicks Back to the Website
That’s 40+ people for EACH campaign that returned to the site with interest. That’s a BIG deal.
Can you imagine how it will affect your marketing results? If you are interested, click here to schedule your demo. It only takes about 30 minutes.