Do you feel like you are wasting time on shipping and fulfillment activities? Maybe you’re worried about tracking shipments or feeling frustrated with growing demands on your time. If you’re feeling the fulfillment pinch then it may be time to look at outsourcing fulfillment. Plumb Marketing specializes in product order fulfillment, direct mail, and print fulfillment. 

What is outsourced fulfillment?

When businesses need to warehouse, package, and ship supplies, this process is call fulfillment. As a business grows, the complexities of these tasks also grow. Outsourcing fulfillment allows a third party to manage all or a part of the process in order to increase efficiency, improve user experience, and create more time for the business owner.

Examples of fulfillment include:

Drop shipping: Ship branded items or specific products to multiple addresses at regular intervals, or as needed.

Product fulfillment: Franchise/ multi-location businesses who need on-going print marketing materials can have them printed and sent directly to the location(s).

Individual Kit fulfillment: Send personalized client gifts seamlessly.

Advertising fulfilment: When a prospect requests more information, send a brochure or other marketing material directly to them, automatically.

Marketing Asset Management: Web-hosted and easy to use, a marketing management system supports businesses with their production and distribution needs.

The benefits of direct mail and print fulfillment

Reduce costs. Outsourcing in general provides a higher level of expertise, which results in lower costs. Rather than using in-house resources who are often not as skilled, outsourced print and fulfillment providers do it right the first time (and hold the responsibility to do so).

Increase your reach. Managing fulfillment in-house limits resources which results in lower reach. Eventually as you grow, your business will need to increase staffing which could cost more than outsourcing when hiring and benefits are factored in. It’s important to compare apple-to-apple costs when finding a balance between managing in-house fulfillment with outsourced.

Streamline processes. Outsourced agencies can implement automation that isn’t typically available or cost effective for small business. Print-on-demand or bulk printing can be “set it and forget it” solutions that allow a business to focus on results, not the fulfillment itself.

Create happy, loyal customers. Automation can improve the customer experience by delivering consistent interactions in a timely manner. Staying top of mind with regular touchpoints (such as with direct mail campaigns) builds customer loyalty and engagement.


About Plumb Marketing

Plumb Marketing makes your company look great by offering accurate, timely and budget-friendly fulfillment strategies so you can focus on your core business functions and growth. From inventory management, pick & pack, shipping, printing and tracking, we bridge the fulfillment gap linking your business products with your customer base.