Holiday celebrations are just around the corner! Retailers are planning direct response campaigns to entice shoppers with gift ideas, inspiration and of course, pricing deals.  And while retailers are certainly taking advantage of this time of year, business to business providers can also capitalize on the fact that people are programmed to look at direct mail during the busy holiday season. In fact, the USPS reports 3 out of 4 direct mail recipients receive and open their mail the same day it is delivered through the holiday season.

Here are a few ideas for B2B providers to separate yourself from the competition and take advantage of the increased open rates.

Send Thanksgiving Cards Instead Of Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are usually sent by businesses to express well wishes for the holiday season and position themselves for the new year. Stand out from the crowd this year by sending an expression of gratitude during Thanksgiving. Very few cards are sent during this period, so you will be noticed.

Add Texture

Make your mail piece stand out by adding raised text, foiled lettering or soft touch laminate to your piece. The added flair will set your mail piece apart from others and create more recollection for the consumer.

Get Personal

Do not just send out a generic holiday card with your holiday message this year. Utilize variable data merge to get personal with your recipients. Not only can you have the name of the person inserted into the piece, you can also have a highly personalized message as well if your list is segmented.

Get Digital To Follow Direct Mail             

One of the most exciting new technologies available is the ability to add Response Builder to any direct mail campaign, following the mail piece up with digital ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram. If you have a holiday message designed to drive sales, this add-on is must have.

Do you need more ideas to stand out during this year’s holiday mailing season? This is our 22nd year of direct response marketing during holidays. Call us. We have you covered!

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