Marketing is a major part of business. Whether new or established for years, a marketing plan never goes away, but it does, and should, change. When COVID was first making its appearance, many companies stopped spending money on marketing, mostly because of uncertainty. Business owners, marketing professionals, salespeople were asking:

  • What can we offer during this time?
  • How can we offer it?
  • How do we change our messaging for this unique time?
  • How do we now reach our customers?

Honestly, these questions aren’t unique to COVID times, but the answers are. And, just like any time of financial upheaval, Return on Investment (ROI), must be considered. Tracking marketing is never more crucial than in times when money is tight and engagement matters.

In fact, if you are working with a limited marketing budget, Response Builder technology is a great tool for determining success. Quit wasting money on marketing that doesn’t work! Stop being afraid to advertise or spend money on marketing.

Making adjustments to your marketing based on real-time information allows you to pivot and create better outcomes faster. Tracking correctly helps you see your results so you can confidently invest and get a positive ROI with predictable results. That’s how to market smarter during COVID.

What is Response Builder?

Response Builder is like Mail 2.0. It takes direct mail campaigns and fuses them with online data collection to create a higher ROI. Enhance your mail pieces with Facebook and Google retargeting, call tracking, and online following up. Know when your mail hits mailboxes and when customers take action, and automatically add website visitors to your mailing list to create more touchpoints with your brand.

Finally, see all your tracking information on a live dashboard- no more wondering if your marketing is working.

Direct mail has evolved, which frankly was required in today’s digital world. However, with prospects being overwhelmed with full email boxes and banner ads becoming practically invisible to online surfers, tangible mail is a credible and valuable resource. Blending digital and direct mail strategies is a winning solution for today’s consumer focused businesses.

To learn more about Plumb Marketing’s direct mail programs featuring Response Builder, contact us today. There are no long-term commitments, so you can try it and see if it works for you and your company with our 3- or 6-month packages. It’s the way small business owners are up leveling their marketing and investing smarter with limited marketing budgets.