The quick answer is a resounding YES! The longer answer, including strategies for how to leverage direct mail to your advantage follows:

Target the generations effectively. published an article we love about how each generation sees and interacts with direct mail. Overall, the most effective way to use direct mail is with a multi-channel approach, which means, basically, not using it alone. 

It’s no surprise that digital consumers would want some online strategies, but they also value that tangible mail. Combine marketing strategies so they work together seamlessly for the most effective outcome. If you’d like to check out that article, you can find it here. 

Target your audience specifically.

Since COVID lockdowns, people are more eager to get to their mailboxes and engage with mail. Screen fatigue has drawn up the interest in tangible products. That, combined with fewer mail pieces over hundreds of emails, means engagement with mail is up. There’s no banner ad blindness when it comes to mail, but if you want to stand out, you still need the personalization that digital marketing brings.

Use your customer/prospects name and give them mail that is likely to resonate to them. Digital data exists to create better personalization than ever before and doing so is shown to increase engagement, and therefore sales.

Use specialized lists

Not only can you personalize mail pieces, but you can also use specialized lists for even better results. Birthday mailers (great for retailers and restaurants) and New Mover campaigns (ideal for localized service businesses) are two examples of specialized and targeted lists that can be further personalized for a huge win-win.

These types of personal direct mail make it more likely that you’ll be remembered. Plus, people appreciate the effort of personalization. Customization builds trust and authority as well as loyalty.

With a Plumb Marketing Direct Mail program, you’ll get access to the best, most targeted lists in your area, a specialized strategy, and real-time tracking, so you know when your mail hits their mailbox.

If you are ready to use customized, personalized mailers that are also effective, budget-friendly and turn-key, look no further than Plumb Marketing. Contact us today for more information about how we work with small businesses, political campaigns, non-profits, and medical facilities to provide printing, fulfillment, and relevant direct mail strategies for 2023 and beyond.