Digital vs. Print

Why is the conversation so often centered around “digital” or “print?” Increasingly, smart marketers are thinking digital and print. In addition to including QR codes, PURLs and other links to digital on print pieces, companies are finding the power of linking print to YouTube. Case in point: check this out – (takes a quick bit of typing, but nothing like the endless URLs that have made print-to-digital too bulky and balky in the past). And, of course, you can always create a QR code that will take the viewer directly to the video via a quick smartphone/smart device scan.

How many tweets daily?

Amid many calls to go social media crazy came this post a few months ago from, which states in part: “I’ve been exposed to a number of ‘best practices’ about how many tweets a company should publish each day…I’ve seen numbers as high as 30 or more being recommended to maximize engagement… Instead of being fixated on a particular number of tweets that need to be published each day, focus on publishing quality content that is going to be of value to your audience. There’s a reason that the old adage, “Familiarity breeds contempt” has stuck around so long. Over-exposure to an audience can be every bit as damaging (or even moreso) than under-exposure. Think about it the next time you feel compelled to tweet for tweet’s sake.

Every marketing program needs a plan and a timeline.

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