Knowing when it’s time to outsource marketing can be a crucial decision for businesses seeking efficient and effective strategies to enhance their brand presence and drive growth. The reasons listed below are frequently how small businesses know it is time to make a shift and leverage all that outsourced marketing can provide.

Check your internal resources

If your current internal marketing team lacks the required expertise or resources to handle specific marketing functions, outsourcing can bring in specialized knowledge and skills. This also applies if you are juggling business development with multiple other roles, making marketing tasks fall by the wayside.

Remember that even if you do have the resources to handle it yourself or in-house, it may still not be the best fit if you aren’t getting a return on your investment. If you are lacking interest in the marketing, or questioning why you are paying your marketing staff, it may be time to outsource.

Market growth

If the business is experiencing rapid growth or entering new markets, outsourcing can provide the scalability and flexibility needed to adapt quickly. Outsourced marketing teams can automate tasks, manage fulfillment activities and provide access to additional resources the business couldn’t do on their own.

Leveraging outsourcing often allows a small business to tap into expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring an employee with those same skills. It also can reduce the need for floor space, whether for copiers/printers, office furniture, or warehousing needs.

Cost savings

Maintaining an in-house team is not a viable option for many small businesses. A marketing company should generate more revenue than what you spend with them, and this makes them invaluable. Tracking results is key here – know what you are spending and make sure you are getting consistent, positive ROI (return on investment). Real-time results will help you make quicker decisions and changes to create better results.


Feeling tapped out or behind the times? If the business struggles to keep up with emerging marketing trends and technologies, outsourcing can bring in fresh perspectives and up-to-date strategies, technology, tools, and resources.

Ultimately, recognizing the need for external assistance in marketing comes down to assessing the company’s goals, resources, and capabilities, thus ensuring a strategic and informed decision. Start your journey by learning more about how an outsourced marketing company can work with you to build your business by visiting: