During the 2018 prime election season, Plumb Marketing mailed almost 16 million pieces of political mail. This year, direct mail has even more of an impact because more people are home due to COVID-19. With the WHO and CDC announcing there is no evidence of coronavirus transmission through mail or packages, people are looking forward to going to the mailbox. It is one way consumers find to be safely out in the community, and where they may be getting deliveries for online purchases.

Now is the time to reach voters with your message, build credibility, and show empathy. Communicate exactly where you stand with eye-catching mail pieces that instill trust and connection. Surveys have shown voters see direct mail as one of the trustworthiest forms of political marketing. Coupled with the ability for further online engagement, political direct mail is a powerful force.

Knowing what’s important to your constituency is key. Creating a consistent message that speaks to shared values is never more critical. Community involvement, service, and support during challenging times is a large theme on which you can build your political brand. Being authentic and clear should be the goal.

With more time at home to conduct research, it is important to have your initiatives and beliefs available online. Absentee voting is likely to be high this year, which means people will make up their minds and vote earlier. Be ready for voters wanting to learn the facts about you and what you stand for.

Personalization has always been important, but today’s voter is bombarded with communication from businesses and political matters unique to COVID-19. Cut through the noise by grabbing attention with customization and localization – now available with targeting software and data. Include images of local landmarks or areas known in the community as you communicate with voters in a specific geographical area.

Leverage technology such as digital printing, which makes customization easier and more affordable. Use geofencing and targeted data along with online behaviors to spend marketing money more effectively by getting it into the hands of those most likely to vote for YOU.

Clearly state your stance on important issues, contrasting those beliefs with an opponent. Ask for and share endorsements, and include a color picture of yourself. These are success strategies gleaned from years of research in the political direct mail arena, so use them to your advantage.

Focus your campaign on active voters – spending your marketing dollars smarter. The larger pool of addresses can leave you in a “spray and pray” position that wastes money. Targeting allows you to narrow your list for a better outcome. Using a professional direct mail provider will help you follow postal guidelines as well as create a winning design.

Looking for a professional direct mail marketing team? Plumb Marketing is your one-stop direct marketing shop for your political campaign needs, including tools like Response Builder which helps you create the online targeting you need for success. Let us help plan and streamline your direct mail for sweet results.