Communicating with patients has always been both a thorn and requirement for those in the health care industry. How does a health care office reach their patients in a safe and effective way? Direct Mail is a solution that can be tailored to the audience, and get attention and retention, unlike e-mail can. (The article cites that 75% of people remember direct mail content as opposed to 44% remembering email).

Direct Mail has the power to be discrete or flashy, direct and informative or creative and warm. The audience can be targeted for specific organizational goals and can come in the form of postcards, letters, brochures or dimensional mailers, to set the exact tone needed for the communication desired.

Here are some tips for greater success:


Plumb Marketing is a leading provider of direct marketing strategies for professional services, associations, home services, political and other business in Denver CO.
Our emphasis on direct marketing strategies means you maximize results with every direct marketing campaign. We coordinate everything from strategy to execution to results. 

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Plumb Marketing provides high quality print services to businesses in Denver, CO.

Printed items are still important in today’s digital world, and we make it easy for you to get the quality of printed items you need in a short amount of time. Efficient, quality and affordable print services available through Plumb Marketing. From business cards to banners, we are your total print solution. 

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Direct Mail

Plumb Marketing provides high quality direct mail services for small to medium sized business in Denver CO and beyond.

Direct mail programs are an excellent way to place your message directly in front of your customer. With nearly two decades of direct mail experience, Plumb Marketing has the expertise you need to make your direct mail campaign a success.

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Plumb Marketing provides e-commerce fulfillment solutions to small business in Denver, CO.
Fulfillment services outsourced to Plumb Marketing can help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve response time. Our fulfillment programs ensure your collateral and products get where they need to go. Our secured warehouse operations are certain to deliver your products to your customers in a timely and professional manner.
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Customer Portals

Plumb Marketing provides online customer portals to centralize your marketing collateral and provide easy reordering options.

Plumb Online™ provides a centralized and customized online web store for you to maintain, order, print and deliver all of your marketing collateral. Ensure that your company maintains brand integrity, reduced storage fees and consistent messaging. Excellent solution for franchises, associations, and multiple location organizations. 

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Online Promotions

Plumb Marketing provides online advertising solutions to accompany any direct marketing campaign.

Plumb Marketing provides online advertising solutions to maximize your direct mail campaign. Programs include Google display advertising, social media matching, call tracking and more! Get the most from your campaigns by including retargeting and remarketing programs included in our Response Builder tools. 

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