The effectiveness of your political direct mail is critical to your budget, messaging and ultimately your campaign. How it is designed, targeted, and personalized all feed its success. Let’s look at each to create a winning campaign.


The pandemic supported re-engagement with direct mail pieces, especially those who encouraged further interactions, such as those with QR codes that brought readers online for valuable content.

Design must be clear, easy to read and have a specific call to action. Use color and design wisely to grab and keep attention.


Direct mail campaigns in the past had to rely on customer reporting or, at best, tracking numbers to determine effectiveness. Today data is more precise and mailing lists can be more targeted than ever before.

Retargeting online, or creating lists from online engagement into a direct mail campaign is possible now. This is allowing for more engagement as mail is landing in the hands of those who want it.


When designing the postcards and direct mail pieces, it’s important to really understand who the reader is and what they value. Data will help you, as will multi-channel integration that tracks the reader’s journey and interaction with your content.

Using recipients name, map location, or other personalized information, along with unique and creative printing and branding solutions, makes for highly engaging and effective pieces.

Finally, Choose Wisely

Political mail is very different than other direct mail campaigns. Dropping pieces at the right time, with proof of delivery, is crucial. Urgency must be understood and deadlines met. Design that is clear and concise, data driven lists focused on engagement and action, and personalization that draws the voter into the message, all make the difference between getting attention and being thrown in the trash.

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