E-mail and social media marketing may slowly be gaining popularity, but most small businesses still see a world of opportunity with direct mail campaigns. Surprising as this may sound for others, direct mail marketing actually gains a 25 percent response rate among audiences, compared to the 23 percent garnered by e-mails.

One way to ensure some attention and a response from a prospective customer is by sending them a postcard. Postcards are inherently intriguing for most people, since these evoke a desire for them to read the message on the back and learn more. You must create a postcard that’s both engaging and eye-catching, make it standout from other items in the mail, otherwise your recipient wouldn’t even bother to take a close look.

Be Bold and Bright with Colors and Headlines

You only have a few moments to make a person read your postcard, and what better way to achieve this than by using bold headlines and bright colors. Direct mail postcards have these elements that not only grab a recipient’s attention, but these give them an idea on what your postcard (and your business) is all about.

Use a Clean Design

Though it’s tempting to cram visual elements onto your postcard to make it appealing, doing so could only distract your readers from learning more about what you have to offer. Instead, use a simpler and easy to follow design that puts more emphasis on your story and your business.

Be Direct and Concise

Do away with long sentences that could only put off your readers from taking any further action, and instead keep your message brief but clear. You can do this either by limiting the number of sentences you’ll use, or use bullets to explain different points. Remember not to give away too much information about your products and services, but instead make your readers want to get to know them better.

Give an Irresistible Offer

After engaging and establishing rapport with your readers, it’s time to motivate them into buying from your business. Nothing makes people want to go and buy your products more than an irresistible limited offer, which you can include on your postcard. It may be a special benefit, bonus, or a great discount on a particular item. Urge them to take your offer by indicating a deadline.

Never ignore the power of postcards in generating more traffic for your website and increase your sales leads for less costs. When done the right way, and with the help of direct mail services offered by companies like Plumb Marketing, your business can see itself only a few steps away from marketing success.


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