As weather turns cooler and days begin to shorten, fall gets us ready for the holidays, and for many, a busy retail season. Fall mailers are a great way to touch customers and potential clients with an offer that really pops, before the shopping frenzy begins. Get top of mind with these tips for your fall mailers:

Be Unique

End of year cards, and the winter holidays are a time for lots of mail. Let your fall mailer stand out with fall colors, and less mail packed holidays such as Halloween or Thanksgiving. Compete with less noise on slower mail days.


Whenever possible, personalize your pieces by using their name or even an map of their location in relation to yours. Like a car salesman having you visualize the car in your own driveway, personalization makes the prospect connect and “own” the item. If they believe it really is for them, they are more likely to engage with it.

Feel Different

Studies have shown that mail pieces that feel different – either in texture, size, or weight are more likely to be opened. Take advantage of the textures fall can allow – rich, bold colors and natural feeling on leaves and trees, for example. Consider foils, embossing or other interesting features to create a focal point. Use heavier paper or larger envelopes and stand out.


Scroll social media for 30 seconds and you will come across a meme, and likely, a funny one. Use laughter, pop culture and entertainment to get a pause, and chuckle, and more engagement on your direct mail

Add Urgency

If you are using an envelope (as opposed to a postcard), add urgency to it by saying what’s inside. A simple “free recipes inside”, or “Open now for time-sensitive savings” will work. In your content, whether postcard, flyer or letter, be certain the call to action is very clear, and create urgency for action, such as giving an expiration date or stating a limited quantity. Encourage early sales that can lead to additional sales.

Track and Combine

Be sure to track the efforts of your direct mail pieces to determine your return on investment and tweak for the future. When possible, combine tracking with retargeting activities, such as those online or in store. Track with unique tracking codes and URL’s for additional follow-up and to increase engagement. Learn more about combining online efforts and direct mail here.

Use Festive Text

Fall mailers allow you to use festive texts to get more interest. Consider readable and fun fonts that match the spookiness of Halloween, or the wonder of Christmas. Consider using words to build images in the shape of pumpkins, turkeys or sleighs. Get more creative this time of year in ways you may not have been in the past. The longer your prospect spends quality time with the piece, the better.

Give a Gift

Make your mailer look like a gift by including a card, a scannable discount tag, or a promotional product to create more value and keep your name in front of the client for a longer time. 3D cards that can sit on a desk or shelf, or a card that can go right into the client’s wallet, will keep the item around and ready to be used.

The more accurate your list (so you aren’t sending items to unintended recipients or to undeliverable address), the more you can spend per piece to make an impact. Clean up your list to target the right people, and watch the impact, and your business, grow.


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