Most businesses ask themselves this question frequently as they then spend yet another $1000, $2000, $3000 or more dollars on their marketing efforts, only to wonder if it is really worth it. You know if you don’t spend something on marketing, that you are likely to lose market share and potential customers looking for your products and services.

Marketing can be like an elusive lottery ticket. You spend money on it, yet you never really win. As marketers we sometimes start to blame the tactics….”my SEO guy sucks, direct mail doesn’t work, social media…really, why the hell do we spend money on this crap!”

Those reactions are natural, especially when watching your hard earned dollars leave your bank account. We would submit however that pretty much all marketing tactics can work, especially when used together in a planned manner. What I have found is that businesses typically see marketing as the tactics, when in reality, marketing hinges on the Audience, Message, Offer, Creative and Call To Action.

If these fundamentals aren’t done properly, every tactic in the world will likely fail.

Direct Marketing Infographics

This Direct Marketing Program Infographic shows how a marketing program can be set up to succeed. The icons on the left deserve a lot of time before moving onto the tactical execution piece of your marketing, yet those are often the most ignored.

I have found that most marketing done by small businesses doesn’t go far enough with planning to realize results. It’s not enough to just figure out Audience, Message, Offer, Creative, Call To Action and Tactics. You have to spend time developing the backend of the campaign as well. How are you going to collect responses, follow up with responses, provide valuable content and eventually win the sale?

If your marketing is hit and miss, causing you to stress about the costs or it’s just plain not working, consider working through and planning a direct marketing program based on Plumb Marketing’s Direct Marketing Program Infographic.

If you’re interested in getting a larger pdf version of our info graphic just email and we’ll send it right out to you. We can also help you strategize winning marketing strategies for your business.

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Direct marketing

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