Have you ever had a really great idea that you put a ton of effort into just to have it flop? Was it lack of planning or did something else cause the demise?

At Plumb Marketing, we have found that often, it is not execution, but lack of planning that causes lackluster results. Here’s an example:

A company decided to launch a digital newsletter campaign. They pulled over their customer list, used a great template, threw in a strong call to action (call to book a service and receive a free item) and hit send. Then, three really big things happened:

  1. They received a TON of bounced emails. It filled their inbox. They had failed to build a solid list.
  2. They received more phone calls from the call to action than they could handle. In fact, they hurt their reputation by delaying the fulfillment of the free item they promised. It hurt the customer experience rather than helped it. They had failed to prepare a reasonable amount of product because of their lack of experience.
  3. They didn’t do another newsletter because they considered the first one a failure. Despite the great open rate and calls, because they didn’t have a system in place to create consistent, reliable results, nor did they have the support they needed, they gave up.

The solution? A multichannel marketing plan backed by a tried-and-true system and company. With Plumb Marketing you can eliminate guesswork and solve marketing challenges through meticulous planning, crafting a comprehensive marketing plan that incorporates a powerful mix of ads, direct mail, CRM database, internet, social media, and mobile marketing. 

Don’t give up on a great plan because the execution flopped. Instead, let us help you build a solid plan including targeted marketing lists, design, consistent messaging across multiple platforms (both print and digital), ROI tracking systems, and more. The best part is that once the planning and execution are set in place, they become a turnkey solution with reliable, consistent results. 

Track results in real time and make changes to promote special offerings, celebrate occasions, or to A/B test your messaging. For Plumb Marketing, results are in our DNA. We create solutions for small businesses ready to grow and strengthen their customer base. 

Build your business this year with a dynamic marketing program custom built for you. Learn more here.