Does your business service residential homes? Landscaping, plumbing, HVAC, and other maintenance services with a specific, local service area have found direct mail to be a very important part of their marketing plan. Not only are summertime repairs around the corner, but weather events like hail, rain and fire, can also be reasons for homeowners to be searching for service providers. If you are looking to create more leads for your home services business, here are a few reasons to consider direct mail.

Emergencies happen

When emergencies happen, having your name recognized will lead homeowner to contact you. Of course, it’s important to build name recognition, but potential customers also enjoy getting custom, personalized postcard mailers. When a home services business targets specific neighborhoods and zip codes, they can also get creative in personalizing the cards with the name of the neighborhood, and even the customer’s name so they are more likely to engage with the mail.

Provide them with something that will stick around, like a discount coupon, magnet or other item that will keep you present when an emergency that you can help with happens.

Multiple touches build rapport

It is said that prospects need up to seven touches before they make a buying decision. With a regular, ongoing direct mail campaign, you can build the know, like and trust factor with prospective buyers. Provide valuable information to help them as a homeowner, tell stories of other customers (especially those who live in their own neighborhood), and offer a coupon for savings.

Tracking gives real time results

In the past it was hard to see if direct mail was generating a positive return on investment. Today’s tracking allows small businesses to know when their mail piece hits mailboxes, when action is taken on the mailer, and multichannel marketing and retargeting methods can be used to boost all marketing campaigns like never before. This isn’t your parent’s direct mail. This is the new digitally empowered direct mail that has made snail mail relevant again.

Take a look at today’s direct mail

If you haven’t taken a look at direct mail marketing lately, we encourage you to speak to a Plumb Marketing representative to learn how this automated marketing solution works. It’s never been easier to target your specific market with your home services business.

Check out our home services direct mail program to be inspired by some postcard ideas, learn more about our programs, and have an opportunity to connect with one of our experts. Start generating more leads for your home services business this summer.