There is no doubt COVID-19 has changed the face of business, including marketing. When it comes to direct mail, there isn’t an exception. How do you boost your credibility and customer loyalty now, in the face of the pandemic?

Is it OK to Send Direct Mail Campaigns Now?

Direct mail is just as viable now as ever – maybe even more so. Studies show that getting mail helps brighten someone’s day. This is even more true during the pandemic where people are feeling disconnected from each other.

Also, with at-home workers getting an average of 120 emails a day, it seems direct mail is more likely to be seen and engaged with. Postal mail has been shown to be safe, and people are checking their mailbox on a regular basis. So, sending mail is welcome, just be sure your message is appropriate.

Update Your Messaging

Safety, community, and empathy should be the main focus of marketing messaging right now. Remind customers you’re there during times of need and share your support for essential workers, at-risk populations and more.

Focus on being helpful, rather than on revenue. Offering coupons or special value add-ons is appreciated.

Be Practical and Relevant

While many of us want to get back to normal, the truth is “normal” has changed for many people. Think about personalizing experiences and put yourself in your customer’s shoes when considering your messaging, gifting, and even collateral images.

For example, images of stadiums full of people may be problematic, while images of people participating in safe activities will build credibility and loyalty. Show you are relevant to their world, and they will likely do business with you.

Keep in Touch

Keep customers up to date with changes in your business by inviting them to connect with you in other ways. Build online engagement by breaking through the online noise and inviting them to a specific engagement with direct mail.

Getting creative, such as inviting them to play a virtual game, scanning a code for a special gift, or inviting them in during special hours, could help build community, loyalty and credibility. Stay consistent with multiple touch points, keeping education, empathy and safety as your primary messages.

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