Build Customer Loyalty, a Deeper Relationship, AND Increase Your Bottom Line Through the Power of E-mail

E-mail is one of my favorite marketing vehicles. The reason it is my favorite is because so many people do it so poorly. Too many businesses “spam” their customers by sending them any old email. They figure that “anyone can do an e-mail” and by taking that attitude, their e-mails look, sound, and produce like their competition. In other words, their e-mails don’t generate sales.

E-mail should further the relationship you have with your customers. It should lead them down a path of doing more business with you, referring people to you, and getting them to know your business and mission better.

Many people view e-mail as “I am just sending out stuff to the masses”. What you are really doing is having many small conversations. Each e-mail is delivered to a person. In other words, you aren’t giving a speech to a stadium, you are talking one on one with a future client. When you only send e-mails that have “deals” or “specials” that’s all customers will see your e-mails for. They won’t be waiting anxiously to hear the next story. In your e-mails you can share success stories, emotional stories,and even life changing stories that have happened by being associated with you or your company.

I am not saying not to sell in your e-mails, however only selling is a mistake. When you send e-mails that ask for nothing, you gain a huge amount of equity with your future clients. A well done e-mail campaign is like having a salesman who works 365 days a year that you don’t have to pay.