Turn Your Amazing Customer Service into Your Best Salesman with a Testimonial System

When you visit a new town or look for a new service, how do you know they will provide you with excellent service? You might be like most people and you see what other customers have to say about the business. You look at how many stars were given, the comments and feedback left on the company’s website and other rating services.

90% of business owners let testimonials or reviews happen naturally. They figure “if people like me they will say something good”. While that may be true, it’s more common for people to share their negative experiences with the world. I had a client who ran a local auto repair business. He performed FREE service for an individual to help them out and was still given less than a positive review. Why? Well sometimes people just have bad days and they take it out on the local business. There are other times when your employee may have provided bad service and you were busy handling something else and were unable to fix the situation.

The key to getting great testimonials is:

  • Have a system that asks 100% of your customers to provide a testimonial. The system needs to touch them at least six different ways to ask them for a testimonial of their experience with your company.
  • The testimonial they provide needs to be available for ALL future customers to see. They need to see it and it needs to be performed in a way that it positively affects your search engine results. You might think that “I don’t want people to say bad things”. The truth is that there are people who will say negative things. A well done testimonial system counteracts the negative. It will provide you with a steady stream of new customers who “had to check out what everyone was saying”.
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