Get your message out to the voters with a political direct mail campaign that grabs the attention of voters and pulls undecided voters your way. Target the right voters with accurate information delivered right on time during your campaign cycle and schedule.

The High Value of Political Direct Mail

The majority of political mail mixes a combination of attack pieces and political information in an effective way. No other campaign strategy works with the effectiveness of direct mail. It can be used to quickly get attention and convince voters to support or oppose propositions and candidates.

What Makes Political Direct Mail So Powerful?

Credibility. Information provided through direct mail channels is seen as more credible than television commercials or online. Voters not only read the mail, but they will often hold onto it. This tangible, physical component also makes it more memorable and easy to interact with multiple times.

Targeting. Data driven lists help your information get into the right hands. This can mean lists narrowed down to connect your message to those with specific voter history or profiles that match ideology that will connect them to your messaging. This also allows for personalization that has been show to increase engagement.

Measurable. Direct mail is one of the most measurable marketing campaign options, especially when used in a multichannel marketing strategy that combines both on and offline targeting and re-targeting. Use landing page links, QR codes, or video links to drive them online. This allows your message to be clear and concise while bringing them online to hear the more robust information you want to provide.

Flexible. Direct marketing data can allow you to quickly follow where interest lies so messaging can be shifted in that direction. If you aren’t getting good engagement on a particular message, try another. Reflect the most important issue to voters in a targeted mail piece and watch engagement increase. This allows you to become increasingly more effective with the same budget spend. This is also a great way to drive the undecided vote.

Tips to a Better Political Direct Mail Campaign

Never let your direct mail campaign stand on its own. Incorporate online elements to increase engagement.

Use mobile friendly web pages to communicate more information, provide video, or ask for specific action to be taken.

Use high quality design with a clear message. Alternate between information giving – don’t just run smear campaigns on your opponents. Make the pieces easy to read.

Get to know what topics are of highest importance to voters and pull them in with that messaging.

Build credibility by providing sources of information in footnotes, or bring them to an online resource to create more engagement.

Be sure your lists are up-to-date, targeted and personalized to get the best results.

Send out mailings to land in mailboxes in time for live speaking events or digital campaigns.

Stay relevant and change your messaging to reflect changes in campaign interests.

Use a variety of sizes, images, and balance of color to make the pieces easy to read and interact with.

High quality design, on target messaging, and online targeting and advertising are powerful ways to attract voters. Get started today with  Plumb Marketing | Political Campaign Mailers and Online Ads | Denver, CO.