We all have heard the buzzword content, content, content.  We know we need it but it can seem like great content marketing takes a lot of thought and effort. We are here to help you out! Check out our 7 straightforward tips to make your content shine.

  1. Start with a strong opening: content must engage and create an emotional impact the instant the reader begins to read. The intro should also cover the main point of the article. Quick Sprout suggests using storytelling, surprising facts or statistics, or stating an out of norm opinion. This introduction from Workforce Software is an excellent example of a strong opening: “The other day, as I scrolled through my LinkedIn newsfeed, I saw a diagram about leadership. The title was, What Great Leaders Say to Highly Engaged Teams. As a student of management and motivation, I liked what I saw. In fact, I thought it was spot-on: Source: SketchNote by Impact Wales
    That said, I also thought the diagram lacked substance. It failed to answer an important question: Why?” (Shleyner 2017) 
  2. Pictures add to the story: Pictures increase your post’s chance of engagement by 80%. Make sure the image is relevant to your content topic. There are some great places to get pictures including PixabayFotolia, and Flickr. You can also make your own on Canva.
  3. S.I.R: Have catchy headlines that are Short (under 20 words), Impactful (attention grabbing and generate interest), and Relevant (match audience intent to the content). A simple way to remember this the acronym S.I.R.  
  4. What are your thoughts: When creating your content give your thoughts and opinions on the topic. It makes the content more unique to you and your company. Your content should also include the topic or subject, point or key idea you are building, and angle or your personal position on the issue. Try to address common issues or even current events. However, this one can be tricky – especially if you are covering a topic in more controversial areas. Our best advice – make sure what you comment on is a good representation of your brand and the message you want to send.
  5. Just be yourself: When you are promoting your brand, write in your voice. The personal aspect will attract readers to your content.  If you already have an online presence then create and develop and voice matching the online personality.  
  6. K.I.S.S: Keep it simple, silly! Get your point, but keep it short. Every word and sentence should develop your point without boring the reader. The more impactful you make every word, the more you are likely to keep your audience engaged. 
  7. Be mindful of your words: Sometimes the best posts are thoughtful and short. Do not worry so much about the length of your post, if you can get your point out in 300 words, then leave it alone. There is no need to keep going just to meet a certain length criteria. Instead, focus on the depth of your content. Are you making great points without all the fluff?

What other tips do you have to create stellar content?

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