A poorly executed direct mail campaign can be quite costly. Forbes recently published a great article sharing the 7 factors you should analyze before, during and after any direct marketing campaign. Are you analyzing: 

  1. Results – First, map out what result you want, then measure against it. Was there a response resulting in a new customer? Was there response but no purchase? Was it met with the sound of crickets? Marketing requires a test, track, adjust mentality. Measure what works and replicate. Continue to work on things that do not convert until they do. 
  2. Offer – Just because you think your offer is compelling does not necessarily mean it is of value. If you were met with no response, your offer may be the reason why. Ask yourself, “What pain does this solve? Is it a value statement or are we just sharing features? Can the buyer get a better perceived deal somewhere else? 
  3. People – The list is king, well at least if you have the right list. Market to existing customers and look alike audiences to the people you serve. Test markets and expansion models may also be a part of your mix. If so, ask yourself why this group needs your company. Do not forget to work on those personas for this group too! 
  4. Size – Is your market too small for real impact or too large to hear your message? How about the actual mail piece? Does it get lost in the shuffle or stand out? Size really does matter. 
  5. Design – Design can be a slippery slope when analyzing factors. However, there are a few tips. White space is critical or the eye gets tired. Leave space on your marketing so your message can stand out. Uses images tat relate to the consumer. Get a little fancy and consider the tactile feeling of your piece. Is it memorable? 

For more insights on analyzing your direct mail campaigns, read the full article by clicking below. 


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