Direct mail has some of the highest ROI rates of any marketing channel – yes, that includes digital solutions like pay-per-click. It may seem impossible, but the pandemic has changed consumer behavior. Using new direct mail strategies that break up the clutter online, as well as peel their eyes off the screens they are feeling fatigue from, offer a great solution.

Here are 5 direct mail strategies that actually work:

In-store campaigns

In-person shopping and dining is coming back to life. Welcome customers back to your physical location with in-store only offers. Drive foot traffic with coupons or gifts that entice them safely in.

Retailers understand displays, promotions and service that gets customers to add more to their cart. But, customers must be in the store to make that magic happen, and direct mail is a great invitation to do just that.

Birthday mailers

Target a specific list of consumers to encourage interaction on their birthday. These personalized mailers invite customers back in for a free gift or discount to celebrate the most important person in their world – them!

One of the reason birthday mailers work so well is that they are specific, personalized and only offered for a short period, creating a sense of urgency. And, most people don’t cash in their birthday gift by themselves – they bring others with them to eat, share an offer, or even snap the selfie!

New mover campaigns

When people move into a new area, they need to spend money on everything from home improvement supplies to pet and self-care. They are looking for new locations to frequent to replace those they left behind.

This creates an ideal opportunity for health and service providers, restaurants, and retailers looking for fresh faces. They aren’t likely getting much mail at their new home, and they are looking for to building their new resource list. Get on it first with your welcome mailer.


Your customer made a single purchase, but how do you get them coming back? Offer discounts on similar purchases? For example, if they bought cookies, send them a postcard about your cupcakes, complete with a percent off coupon! 

Circling back to your current customer base builds brand loyalty and introduce them to more products you offer. They’ve already done the hard part of finding you, now it’s your job to keep them coming back for more.

Multichannel mailings

Technology now exists that allows you to take a direct mail piece and use it for online retargeting. Google, Facebook and Instagram ads can create a database list to help you drip tangible mail pieces right into the hands of those interested. Likewise, you can draw those interested in your mail campaign online with QR codes and short links that build more touch points and interaction with consistency and cohesion.

Using marketing that is consistent and available “everywhere” they look, creates more than double return than either marketing platform on its own. This is powerful and a marketing strategy of the most successful businesses.

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