Are you a small business looking for more local patrons? A New Mover Direct Mail Campaign may be the answer. Give us a few minutes of your time to explain and see if it might be a good fit for you.

Denver Residents Like to Move

Did you know that last year, Colorado’s population was estimated at 5.8 million? According to North American Moving Services, 20% more Americans moved in 2021 than in 2020, representing an amazing 56% of people. Colorado was one of the top 10 for inbound movers.

What does this mean for small business?

It means you have a big opportunity to capture new customers hungry for your business.

Fishing in the Right Ponds

There is a saying in marketing that you have to fish in the right ponds. What this means is that if you sell maternity clothes, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to advertise in a nursing home, for example. No, you would want to find ways to reach women who are interested in maternity clothes. Maybe you target mom’s groups, pre-school, or daycare parents.

For service businesses or companies with a local reach, new mover direct mail campaigns are powerful. They allow you to fish in the right pond for new transplants looking for their most needed services in their new home. These often include:

  • Health and Wellness: doctors, dentists, medical facilities, chiropractors
  • Home Goods: hardware, home décor, appliances, furniture
  • Home Services: plumbing, HVAC, carpet cleaning, home improvement
  • Personal Services: salons, places of worship, pet care, restaurants

New movers spend more in their first six months than the average consumer. They are eager to make new relationships with service providers like you!

New Mover Campaigns: More Than Meets the Eye

As a small business owner, it’s important to know that today’s direct mail campaigns look very different than you think. It is no longer a spray and pray marketing method with thousands of mail pieces dropping into unknown mailboxes.

Today’s campaigns:

  • Target demographics that matter to your business. You can target movers to specific zip codes, but you can drill down even further, building a list based on age of home, for example.
  • Mail tracking that lets you know when the mail has arrived, so you are prepared for the increase in calls or traffic.
  • Call tracking to let you know that the customer has taken action because of the direct mail piece.
  • Google, Facebook, and Instagram advertising re-targets potential customers so they see your name in print and digitally for a higher return on investment.
  • Social matching targets potential customers’ online before the campaign is delivered, further reinforcing your message.
  • Affordability makes this streamlined process easy to commit to, and with real time results tracking, you have predictable, consistent results for future planning and budgeting.

Introduce yourself to your new neighbors and invite them to do business with you.

The professionals at Plumb Marketing can help you leverage a custom New Mover Direct Mail Campaign to attract new, loyal customers. Plumb Marketing is your one-stop shop for increasing sales, customer engagement and brand awareness with direct mail and multichannel marketing solutions. Visit or contact us to speak to a representative about your specific needs.