A major marketing data company compiled information from organizations to determine the most effective marketing channels. Eighty-three percent cited events as most effective, 78% said direct mail was next and thirdly, Search Engine Pay-Per-Click. Furthermore they discovered that when 3-4 marketing methods were used together the response rates were 40 – 60% higher than mailing without integrated components.

What does this mean for local business? It means direct mail with online components (and events, (once we can do those again), create the biggest bang for your marketing buck. This is good information to have when marketing budgets are tight and the need for customer communication is higher than ever.

With the rise of online communication and digital ads, many businesses felt direct mail was dead. However, with advertisers flooding the digital space, consumers found ways to silence all the noise with pop-up blockers, email filters, and opting out of seeing advertising. Even those who don’t take the proactive approach have gone “blind” to online ads.

In this time of COVID, more people are home, and checking their mailboxes as delivery becomes the safest (and possibly preferred) method for purchasing. Studies pre-COVID were already showing that direct mail had evolved to integrate digital components, driving up Return on Investment.

Customers find direct mail to be trustworthy and convenient, and some reports indicate that 75% of consumers read or scan their direct mail.

How Does a Business Use Direct Mail Effectively?

Studies are clear – direct mail works better than ever when part of a marketing strategy that uses both on and offline brand reinforcement. Further, direct mail needs to be personalized, professionally designed, have an appropriate message and offer value.

Using technology tools such as Response Builder, businesses can target their audience for ultimate personalization and unique value- the first step in creating a successful campaign. Second, they can create and test designs and messaging and see real time results to determine if adjustments need to be made. Third, they can use online data to determine who is interacting with the business online and retarget them to build their mailing list automatically.

Maintaining a marketing presence with a relationship focused message is key during COVID-19. Customers want to remain up to date on whether the business is open and how they are interacting with the public (safety precautions), and any specials or community involvement.

Small Budgets Require More Effective Marketing

Stay connected with your target market with effective, reliable methods. Automation that tracks customer interaction on and offline is critical to highly efficient, cost-effective campaigns. Plumb Marketing’s three- and six-month Response Builder advertising programs allow small businesses to see how effective, easy and reliable direct mail campaigns combined with online advertising can be.

Don’t just survive, thrive during uncertain times with Plumb Marketing. Call today for more information.