In the landscape where Twitter dominates as a source for knowledge, the old adage that “headlines sell” rings true now more than ever. But what must a great headline have to grab the attention of our customers? There are a few formulas for headline writing that will help you stand out from the crowd. We’ve included some examples featuring our Response Builder platform to create compelling headlines.

State your product name, category and uniqueness. There is no technique more direct then this one.

Ex: “Response Builder is an online advertising platform that adds exponential additional reach to your direct mail piece.”

Who, How, What, When, Where, Why? Beginning your headline with any of these words emerges your prospect directly into a question they may have been asking themselves.

Ex: “Who would like to reach potentially 1000’s more prospects beyond their original mailing list? Response Builder is the answer.”

“You” goes along way. By adding the word “you”, headlining gets much more specific and personal, usually leading to a higher response rate in general.

Ex: “Hey You! Want more from your next postcard campaign? Use Response Builder.”

“The Only!” Making a claim of exclusivity creates a “must have” sense of urgency to some headlines.

Ex: “Denver’s only online advertising program that remarkets online to your existing mailing list, Response Builder.”

Need more headline ideas? Our 20-Point Checklist for Copy Writing is an excellent resource.

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