You’ve made the investment in direct mail marketing, but do you know that it’s working? Maybe you track the success on the direct mail coupons being redeemed, but if this is the only information you have, you are missing some big opportunities. Today’s direct mail campaigns are more successful than ever before because they incorporate (or should) digital data.

This is called multichannel marketing, and it works by tracking and retargeting prospects to better convert them into customers. Here’s what you need to build a strong direct mail marketing strategy:

Develop a Targeted List

Using a relevant mailing list is your first step in a quality direct mail marketing strategy. Knowing who is (and isn’t) your prospective customer, helps create a list that gets your mail in front of the right people.

For example, a plumber may want to only target homes over 10 years old within certain zip codes of their office. Or a dental office may want to send a direct mail campaign to families who recently moved into the area.

Knowing your ideal prospect means you can build a targeted list and also design mail pieces that are relevant and interesting to them specifically.

Use Mail Tracking

Mail tracking allows you to know when your direct mail campaign hits the mailboxes of your list. From this, you can begin tracking responses to your marketing to see what’s working and not. This can happen through tracking phone numbers, coupon or code use, and online actions taken in response to the ad.

Using different designs, known as A/B tracking, can also be helpful to determine what messages your target audience are motivated by.

Online Retargeting

Integrating your direct mail campaign with Google remarketing and Facebook/Instagram advertising, allows you to follow the customer journey from your mail piece online. Or, flip the remarketing by using online tracking tools that provide you with a list of website visitors to send your direct mail piece.

Many companies now take customers who have made online sales, or who have shown interest, and send them direct mail. This is an effective strategy as some people either opt out of banner ads, or simply mentally block them out. But holding a tangible piece of mail in their hand with the product they were interested in, helps reinforce their connection to the brand and provide more information.

Now is the time to upgrade your direct mail marketing strategy by using data-driven lists, mail tracking and online retargeting, and Plumb Marketing makes this easy with Response Builder. Be assured your strategy is working by using real time marketing intelligence to maximize your return on investment. Call today to learn more about our 3- and 6- month direct mail and online advertising programs.