Hail season is upon us. If only we had a crystal ball to know when and where hail will hit! Smart roofers understand that being proactive, rather than reactive, is the key to business longevity. Here are 3 reasons to consider a direct mail campaign specifically targeting homeowners and commercial property managers.

Build Your Reputation

Unreputable roofing and siding companies may flood areas with hand flyers once the hail hits. But roofing companies that have a proven track record of good workmanship and who can demonstrate community ties know there is a better way. Build your name and reputation with branding before the weather has owners desperate (and falling for any fly-by-night roofer).

Build Your Word of Mouth Business

It’s been said over and over that buyers need to interact with a brand 7-10 times before they have built the trust needed for a high end purchase, such as a roof. With direct mail to your service area you can begin building that trust. Personalize the direct mail with neighborhood photos of your work, along with testimonials, and that trust grows exponentially.

Build Proactive, Recurring Business

Advances in technology allow you to drill down on targeted lists, customize the mailing campaign, then automate and track it. You can even follow the customer journey on and offline for even more data and targeting opportunities.

By targeting prospects before there is a weather event, not only are you building your reputation, but you are “farming” – planting seeds that lead to a deeper crop, aka referral base. Companies who sit and wait for reactionary business will see seasonal peaks, whereas a company that builds a referral network proactively builds consistent, reliable business with less volatility.

We Make it Easy

Get a turn key direct mail campaign in place and start getting your business in front of homeowners and commercial property managers with Plumb Marketing. Built for roofing professionals, let us show you how to build consistent business with targeted and multi-touch marketing that works! Learn more, see examples and get a quote today!

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