We are moving into what could be an historical election cycle. Rest assured your mailboxes will be filled with mailers from candidates trying to win your vote. After placing a few ads up on Facebook to share our political campaign mail products, we discovered many people comment with negativity, which in turns stops our ability to tell people best practices in this vertical. For the naysayers out there who say political mail does not work, according to a study conducted by the post office: 

  • Less then 2 seconds is spent with a digital ad. An average of 7 minutes is spent with mail each day. 
  • 86% of households check their mail every day.
  • 55% of voters use mail to decide how to vote.
  • 73% of Americans prefer to receive mail over a phone call to get new information about candidates.

DeliverTheWin.com is providing even more insights into the power of a direct mail political piece. Read more by clicking on this link below: 


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