What would happen to your business growth if your customer’s neighbors bought from you? Did you know you can use a job site direct mail campaign to convert neighbors into buyers by having your raving fans sell for you? What is a job site direct mail campaign and how can it help your home service business? This article will answer these questions.

What if your customer’s neighbors bought from you?

More than 90% of people buy from those they know, like, and trust, and social proof matters! Social media requests for recommendations are huge because they allow people to turn to friends and connections rather than blindly looking for a contractor. And, if not on social media, they look at company reviews for recommendations, especially unbiased (unpaid) ones.

By using job site direct mail, you can capture this social proof dynamic while also showcasing your work. Simply snap photos of your great workmanship and then tell all their neighbors about it with direct mail.

What is a job site direct mail campaign?

A job site direct mail campaign is a specially designed mail piece that features your work within the very community you are targeting with that piece. For example, a siding company may take pictures of their beautifully repaired siding on a home hit by hail and send it to others in the neighborhood who were also hit by hail, or who maybe just want a fresh look.

Neighbors can then see the work on the mail piece, but they also can drive right by the work and see it for themselves, building credibility for the business.

How does it help your home service business?

It has been proved that direct mail that is personalized and relevant to the recipient is the most effective form of advertising. When the customer sees that their neighbor’s home looks better, or has a better product than they do, and it is backed by social proof, they are more likely to take action.

The mailing campaign will keep you top of mind the next time someone has a need provided by your company. Your successfully completed projects become a showcase for your services, workmanship, and professionalism. And, because it is relevant (because it is in their own neighborhood), it increases interest and engagement.

Start building interest, estimates, and new jobs! Home service businesses such as roofing companies, landscapers, fencing, home remodel, garage door services and more do very well with job site direct mail campaigns. To learn more, contact Plumb Marketing for design ideas, price quotes, and to get started.