Did you know that over 15 billion pieces of mail were delivered during the 2017 holiday season? There’s no denying it is a busy time of year where consumers are bombarded with flashing lights – of both the festive and “buy now” variety. How does a holiday mailer stand out, or can it, during this busy time? Here are some suggestions that you can implement year-round, but that are particularly valuable during this time of year.

Get High Tech Mobile

Mailers that implement state-of-the-art technology, such as virtual reality, QR codes to digital pieces, and even virtual reality, are too cool to be overlooked. Plumb Marketing even has a program called Response Builder that follows your direct mail piece online and shows advertising on the Google Display Network, Facebook and Instagram. If recipients are signed up for Informed Delivery through the USPS, they even get an email that includes the piece for even more bang for your buck!  If you don’t think you can pull it off this year, talk to a direct mail professional about options for next year, and start making a plan.

Everything you do in direct mail, when linked to digital tracking, can be improved to achieve even greater results. Start a program now so by next year at this time, you will have a predictable ROI.

Make Them Unique

The holiday season is a great excuse for doing something extra special. Consider decorative envelopes, oversized postcards, metallic bling, or other “fancy” elements to make your mailer stand out. Size, weight, color, and interactivity (mentioned above), are all ways to get your marketing piece noticed.

Personalization is also huge – especially with the Millennial market. The more targeted and personalized you can be, the more likely the success of your direct mail campaign. Data-driven targeting is not only possible, it is highly effective.

Get Emotional

Genuine holiday sentiments are always a welcome, feel-good action. Consider ways to show true gratitude – whether in a statement, photo, or community give-back project. These all build rapport with your prospect and create a stronger reputation for your company.

Consider ways you can on and offline create connection, and use that, especially during the holiday season.

Plan Appropriately

Remember if you want your mail to land prior to Christmas, there are deadline guidelines to follow depending on the type of mail. USPS says there is no guarantee, so get your mail out before the deadlines for the best chance for pre-Christmas delivery. Visit the USPS website for more information on deadlines or follow us on social media. We will keep you informed.

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