Brochure Printing

No matter how great your products are, your customers can miss the point unless you present the story well and show key benefits.

Brochures provide a handy way to tell customers and prospects about the benefits and details of your company and your products or services. Quality content, printing and audience targeting make a difference, whether the brochure is for point-of-sale, leave behind following a sales call, following up an inquiry or providing an introduction with a direct mail letter.

Plumb Marketing is responsive, and provides design, printing and mailing services. We can consult with you to develop the most effective message, design and format to meet your brochure needs and achieve your marketing goals.

6 Keys For Better Brochures

  •  Craft a compelling headline to capture attention. Tap the needs and emotions of your readers.
  •  Use both features and benefits to support your message. Emphasize the most important facts about a product or service and your company. Look closely at the text message to make sure it shows how you solve a problem or meet a need. Consider if you need different brochures for different types of customers.
  •  Support your claims with examples, testimonials, charts or graphs.
  •  Send personalized loyalty offers for a birthday, anniversary or special holiday.
  •  Show me. A picture is more believable than the words. Use good quality photos or illustrations.
  •  Call to action by making the contact information and the next steps clear.
  •  In addition to providing your phone number, email address, and website URL, consider using a QR code to link to a specific page or provide discounts or promotional offers.

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