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Let's face it. Most marketing plans wind up on a shelf getting dusty instead of actively being used to win competitive battles. It all starts energetically enough. Client and marketing firm sit down together to formulate the latest, greatest strategies and tactics to win the game. In most cases, however, by the time the document is completed, much of the enthusiasm and energy to execute it are depleted or have been rechanneled into other pressing initiatives.

Get-go to Go-live. 

The Plumb Marketing Playbook Program is designed to counter this malaise by moving clients from the get-go to go-live. Development of sound strategies and tactics are just the beginning. 

The Playbook€۪s ultimate value comes in executing on it and seeing results. 

The best playbook in the world only works if you finish the game. 

Put another way, don€۪t spend your money developing the Playbook unless you're going to use it consistently. That's a waste of precious time, money and resources all of which are too valuable to allocate to yet another document that's just going to sit on the shelf. 

That said, we start with the end in mind. In this case, the end is your desired ROI from creating and implementing the Playbook over a reasonable period of time. We say reasonable because, in most cases  like it or not—it's going to take months or even a year to get there. 

What you get. 

Within 30-60 days, we will present you with a complete discovery documentthat details among other items identification of ideal audience(s), their€buying triggers, strategies for reaching them and tactics to drive the points€home. A comprehensive timeline, ROI expectations and budget accompany€the Plumb Marketing Playbook. This information is compiled through an€in-depth€client interview and discovery process featuring the Plumb Marketing team, which has well over a century of combined experience. That's a lot of marketing bang for your buck. Then, after the initial Playbook is drafted, we go through it in detail and make final decisions about scope, timeline and budget. 

Then, it's off to the races…or, shall we say football game? 

What you don't get. 

Our job is to get you where you want, and need, to go in business not to overwhelm you with data, make grandiose promises to get your money, or fill your head with so many buzzwords that you feel like you're smack dab in the middle of a beehive. We're driven by common sense and commonplace language.

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