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You brainstorm cross-sell campaigns before breakfast.

You develop targeted direct mail in your sleep. You're rolling out hot new services and products. You've seen your corporate structure change, and your competition surge. Perhaps, you could use some help. Qualified sales leads are the lifeblood of most successful businesses. And targeted direct response marketing is the most effective way to assure the steady supply of leads required to meet pre-sale requirements, stage a launch and drive tempo sales. Plumb Marketing is a leading provider of direct marketing strategy to multiple industry segments, having developed many effective DM methods in practice today.

Plumb is also a major production resource for printing, list procurement, data processing, mailing, email broadcasting and supporting tactics. Mirroring its strategic approach, Plumb precisely plans all production workflow with fully documented procedures, redundant quality controls and close supervision. As a result, clients can now rely on a single entity that is fully accountable for all DM performance.

19 Strategies To Increase Your Sales At Least 2X From The Customers You Already Have

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